Being a risk taker who aligned himself with tycoon objectives and philosophies all of his life, Hugh Chambers also known as The Growr born December 26, is a fledgling entrepreneur, trader and content creator who has never shied away from wading into the waters of new innovations, ideas and business ventures.

The Growr, who blossomed from the blushing southwestern town of Junction in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, with some upbringing along the west-central of Manchester, Jamaica, in a town called Christianna has been on a self-development path as long as he can remember. Before attending the University of Technology in Jamaica, The Growr attended Knox College where he began his journey. With years to come he started self-educating himself in the coveted skill sets of computer programming and web development, utilizing the vast array of informative resources that Youtube and Google has to offer all before he graduated Knox College in 2011.

In 2014, The Growr founded Mozzby LLC, a web development, graphic design & printing firm which he operated with full services until 2016, when he dismantled the printing department and transformed the operations to a total online service business. The Growr was motivated to pursue other promising business ventures and went on to make a name for himself in entrepreneurial circles later that year when he founded Intense Jamaica, a firm that focused on innovative marketing and publishing.

With the completion of Intense Jamaica’s company rebranding to “The Growr” in 2020, The Growr had already migrated to the United States in 2016 and endeavored in other lucrative markets such as forex trading, where he acquired integral knowledge, expertise and experiences that laid the foundation for several other enterprises. With his bravado and vision and knack for pushing the boundaries, The Growr continued to construct and operate exciting new businesses such as AI Smart Drive LLC, a company specializing in convenient and luxury car rentals, Fixitnoww LLC, a company which specializes in repairing the credit profiles of clients while guiding them in making better financial choices in the future. The Growr has since expanded his personal brand, which he mentors other young entrepreneurs like himself to be a better version of themselves and how to succeed in this very competitive era.

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